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Dear members,

We would like to present our program for 2023. Membership includes:

· Attendance to all ASPVB lectures and dinner at The Woodward, University of Melbourne at no additional cost

· Subscription to The Australian Journal of Periodontology and Implant Dentistry

· A reduced rate of subscription to the Journal of Clinical Periodontology

Membership to the Asian Pacific Society of Periodontology We offer discounted membership fee for students of the dental health sciences and new graduates for the first year following graduation. At our first meeting, Dr. Mark Evans will give an endodontic perspective on the endo/perio interface and will include cases illustrating the diagnostic conundrums we sometimes face. Clinical examples will also be discussed. For our second meeting, we are pleased to have Dr. Jake Ball who will explore the practice, clinician and patient related factors that may result in the supervised neglect of periodontal disease. The lecture will also discuss the importance of a detailed periodic clinical assessment, accurate diagnosis and evidence-based treatment planning for disease prevention. For our last meeting, we are excited to have A/Prof Tino Mercado who will focus on the traditional and novel clinical applications of Enamel Matrix Derivative. The talk will discuss the speaker’s latest publications on this biomaterial combined with connective tissue grafts in the management of recessions with different severity. It will also report on other clinical applications such as reparative/regenerative management of peri-implantitis,

$450 (Full Membership)
$300 (New Graduates up to 2 years after graduation and Post Graduate Students)

Any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us via this email. I look forward to seeing you on 22nd February 2023!

Kind regards,

Larissa Ong


Australian Society of Periodontology (Victorian Branch)


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